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2018 Spring Fashion at Beltane Ranch

Warriors Threads

Melinda Gail Kickstarter

Visionary of the Year

Visionary leaders are paradigm changers—individuals who strive to make the world a better place by employing new, innovative business models and practices. As the world faces an increasing number of widespread social and economic challenges, visionary leaders understand the broad impact of the business community and recognize its potential to drive great change. Visionary of the year is an award ceremony put on by the San Francisco Chronicle to  recognize the visionary leaders who have made a difference in the Bay Area and beyond. The goal is to inspire change by illuminating the great work of the visionaries.

The journey of Sal Khan

Dreamer's Roadmap

One bag of aid at a time

Surfing is for girls

The singer from Cameroon

Protecting the land

Cooking with Naomi

Educating Edmund

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