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If you're a business looking for a great photographer to cover an event, use SFPhotoGo. The concept is simple. We work with the best photojournalists in the Bay Area to cover your business's  events from product launches and on-stage presentations to fundraising events, company dinners, staff parties and more.

Our digital contract and invoicing process is easy. Within 48 hours of the event you'll have access to a all the RAW photos as well as a selection of processed images from an editing professional. We are a pay on delivery company. Simply put, payments are required on image delivery. A quick invoicing turnaround is part of our business model to help get photographers paid faster and keep the photojournalism industry healthy and sustainable.


Newspaper, editorial and documentary photographers have been hit hard by struggling print industry. But the need for amazing photography has never been greater. We believe that photojournalists by nature can be some of the easiest to work with, most hardworking, humble down-to-earth and intelligent creatives out there. So why not try to support the work photojournalists are doing and the stories they have to tell by giving them the opportunity for side-work that will help sustain their lives and future projects.


SFPhotoGo is about convenience and confidence.

Finding talented photographers on the fly and dealing with sometimes arduous contracting, scheduling and payment processes can be time consuming. We only work with the best photojournalists in the Bay Area and have a growing list of folks willing to help your team, often times, last minute to get what you need. That's right, last minute. If you hired a photographer privately and fails to show, a team member forgot to hire someone or a last minute circumstance pops up, we'll get someone to you asap.*

A simple online form for a contract agreement and payment details is all you need to get the party rolling. On delivery of images, you'll be automatically charged for services. 

Our pricing model is competitive but sustainable. We're interested in building long term relationships with businesses and giving strength to the photojournalism community. 


We believe in the power of photojournalism and how it can bring positive and long lasting change to the community through storytelling. As part of our program we commit a percentage of proceeds be placed aside and distributed to applying photojournalists twice a year to help fund their project or story. 

*A fee is applied if booking occurs within 8 hours of an event. There is no guarantee that a photographer will be available, but we'll do our best to make it happen. 

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